Favourite musical villains

Hi all.

Just to keep us all in touch between shows, we thought it might be an idea to start up semi-regular chats about one of our favourite topics… Musicals.

To start the ball rolling, let’s look at favourite Musical villains. Do you have a favourite (or for that matter one you despise the most)? Was it because of how they acted, or their songs? Maybe it was  show you were in that influenced you. Maybe you don’t even agree that the person is a Villain. You may think they are misunderstood?

So in the comments below, let us know about your favourite (or least favourite) musical villain. And don’t just drop your own comment, engage with other people. You may totally agree with them. Or disagree. Maybe YOU want to be a villain yourself. Anyway, let’s give this a try.

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  1. Chris Gordon

    Geez, so many great villains. Some are hyper real, and some are more your moustache twirling types. I really like Scar from the Lion King – particularly the original cartoon. It’s more your “behind you” pantomime type of evil, but with Jeremy Irons supplying all the vocal menace, it’s still plenty villainous. He’s still a killer, but he gets thwarted by the hyenas and others. “Be Prepared” is also a great song. As each person says another villain… Javert, Dr Horrible etc, I’ll probably agree with them all, but Scar was the first that came to mind.

  2. Ant Lewis.

    My favorite “Villain” would have to be the villain from RHMTC’s Villains & Vixens. The character had depth and charisma. The way that he and the wonderfully talented Vixen wove the songs into story was a delight to portray. All credit however must go the amazing cast that helped bring the whole show together. He was a very well scripted character and I have to admit my 2nd most favorite to have performed as. (My favorite being Walter from “Getting There”)

  3. Isabelle Broderick

    My favorite villain would have to be the wicked witch of the West as I don’t think she is the actual Villain but that the actual Villain is the good witch as she litreraly stole the dream of elphiba (wicked witch of the West) she also has such amazing songs “defying gravity” but are a lot of amazing villain in musicals

  4. Sam Dunn

    Javert from Les Miserables is the standout for me. His character had so much depth he wasn’t just a bad guy he was doing what be believed to be right and that by pursuing Jean Valjean he would make the world a better place. His ultimate downfall, however, was not being able to live in the dept of a criminal which made him kill himself but he was such an interesting character. My friends and I are actually making a movie based on the philosophy of Javert and Jean Valjean. On one side we have a character who is hell-bent on seeing justice through whatever it takes and on the other side is a character wronged by society who believes that committing more crimes is justified to rid him of the first in ends justify the means kind of way. It’s quite a cool relationship to look at neither are necessarily wrong or right its how you view it.

  5. Lynda Yeadon

    My favourite villian is the Wicked Witch of the West from Wizard of Oz because it was so much fun to play! I also like Jud Fry in Olkahoma because I love the song Curly sings to him -“Poor Jud is dead”. I can’t forget an honorable mention to our current villian Bill Sykes! “It’s Nancy! He’s murdered Nancy!”

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